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Friday, November 29, 2019

Relax! Maharashtra is not named in the list of corrupt states

More than 8 states in India are on the corruption list, a survey has revealed. However, one of the most comforting things is that the State of Maharashtra is not included in this list. However, the survey reveals that corruption is increasing in government offices in India.
The most corrupt states in the country include Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

India falling in the ranks of a corrupt country
India has also fallen in the ranking of corrupt countries. The survey also said that corruption in India was reduced due to the mobilization of government facilities. The highest number of corruption took place in the state and 78 per cent of the surveyed citizens had to bribe 22 per cent of the officers several times to get their jobs done. So, 56 percent of them paid bribe only once or twice. In Rajasthan, surveyors met with people directly and collected over 2,000 samples and details. Corruption has increased in Rajasthan in 2019 compared to 2018.

Rajasthan is at the forefront
The report came out in a survey conducted by Transparency International India. The report names eight states. Rajasthan is at the top of the list. Surveyors gathered samples and details directly from people. India Corruption Survey 2019 was taken by the institute. Locally, the survey was started with the help of social media. The survey of 1.9 lakh people has received 81 thousand different responses in 20 states of 248 districts. Also, according to the survey, 51 percent of Indians admitted to taking bribes. Maharashtra State does not include the eight most corrupt states in the property registration centers, police accounts and municipalities.

Bihar in second place
In Bihar, 75 percent of the citizens said they had given bribe. About 50 percent of them paid several times. So, 25 percent did not pay bribe only once or twice. Therefore, the survey said that it was a comforting thing for the state of Maharashtra.

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