The traffic police charged the extortionists and imposed a fine of Rs 45 lakh 47 thousand 900 - पोलिस कर्तव्य टाईम्स


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Friday, November 29, 2019

The traffic police charged the extortionists and imposed a fine of Rs 45 lakh 47 thousand 900

Bhushan Garud : In the last two and a half months, traffic police have levied a fine of Rs. The actions of parking vehicles in non-parking lots, triple seat travel, driving without documents are showing a good increase in the city and district. Due to this, there is a need to take special care while driving the vehicles to prevent the action.

There is talk of traffic in the city being repeatedly disrupted. But there are different reasons. Vehicles are parked one by one while they are parked on the road. In many places there is a cyclone of bicycles. Thus, the vehicles are seen standing in the middle of the road. Rickshaw, cars, vehicles are also increasing in the middle of the road. Alternatively the traffic is lingering.

As a result, the traffic police have started taking action against such unscrupulous drivers. Police have collected a fine of Rs. 4, 34,800 and Rs. The incidence of driving without documentation is quite good. A fine of Rs 17 lakh 71 thousand has been recovered after taking action against such 8 thousand 855 persons. 2 thousand 411 persons, who have not been accompanied by the documents, have been prosecuted. A fine of Rs 4 lakh 82 thousand 200 has been collected from it. A fine of Rs. This action will continue to do so for a long time. Therefore, the drivers have to park their vehicles in the parking lot and carry the documents along with the documents, the traffic police said.

1⃣ Signal breakdown : 772 - 1,54,400 Rs.

2⃣ Not wearing seatbelts : 1614 - 3,22,800 Rs.

3⃣ Helmet without : 95 - 95,500 Rs.

4⃣ Mobile Phone Driving : 157 - 3,11,400 Rs.

5⃣ Driving Dangerously : 145 - 1,45,000 Rs.

6⃣ No vehicle license near : 592 - 2,96,000 Rs.

7⃣ Illegal passenger traffic : 54 - 1,05,000 Rs.

8⃣ Driving by Wrong Side : 110 - 22,000 Rs.

9⃣ No insurance : 34 - 68,000 Rs.

🔟 Placing black film on glass : 96 - 19,200 Rs.

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